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Estelle Cartlidge | Creator of Shakti Studios

I have been practising yoga since my teens and have become more passionate about yoga as the years have progressed, it is truly engrained in my soul. I am passionate about many yoga styles and it is beautiful to see the diversity of students and practises they partake, I love the fact I get to guide students in their practise of both Aerial at Shakti studios and Bikram at Bikram Yoga Liverpool.


I first started my teaching journey teaching Bikram yoga in 2011 which I love, it is a very yang practise and I felt Bikram yoga had met its soul mate when I first took an aerial yoga class, as this is a very yin practise, so I found complete balance both with my practise and teaching, therefore had to bring aerial to Liverpool.

I am very excited that Shakti studious is the first aerial yoga studio in Liverpool, and love the freedom the hammock gives you, I find it very empowering and releasing and I am very grateful I get to teach Liverpool yogis to F.L.Y first love yourself.
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Jacqueline Maguire

Jacqueline Maguire is a master of holistic well-being from Liverpool.

She is a trained and practicing yoga teacher who has been traveling the world since she left her hometown when she was a teen. On her travels she gathered all her expertise and mastered the art of teaching yoga amongst many other things, such as Human Design, Shiatsu, Dancing with fire, meditation and much more.
She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years now and most of her training was obtained in India where she lived, whilst studying the authentic practice of yoga.
In 2006 Jacqui qualified as a professional Kids Yoga Teacher. For many years she was based in Austria where she taught kids yoga regularly at the local
Montessori Kindergarden as well as various other alternative schools in Austria.
Jacqui moved back to the UK in October 2014 to bring her gems back to her roots here in Liverpool.
She also has three children of her own and they are living proof of the benefits yoga has for children in their every day lives.

Paul Wooding

I've been practising yoga for over 25 years and teaching for the past  
15. My initial experience was in the Iyengar tradition before  
enrolling on a BWY Diploma course with Rosemary Bennett. I'm also  
trained in Yoga Therapy with The Yoga Biomedical Trust based in London  
as well as being trained to teach the Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs  
course. Using yoga as a therapeutic tool is one of my great passions  
within this ever varying subject. My work in Yin Yoga includes taking  
many workshop with teachers such as Erin Fleming, Paul Grilley and  
Sarah Powers. This summer I will also be taking up Yin Yoga training in a  
full weeek intensive in London with Paul Grilley. I'm very excited  
about this training and hope to pass on all my knowledge to my Yin  


Carliann Parry

I have been passionate about yoga for a number of years. I see it as a valuable life tool that enables us not just to keep our bodies healthy but also our minds. I enjoy and regularly practice many forms of yoga including Sivananda, Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin and Jivamukti, as well as Evolve - a style devised here at the studio by myself and Estelle Cartlidge. I also meditate every day.

I completed my training at Sivananda Ashram (yoga school) in Kerela India. My teacher was trained by Swami Vishnu-devananda, a direct disciple of Swami Sivananda; I feel very blessed to have this direct lineage passed down to me. Sivananda classes at Shakti take place in the non hot studio where I teach a traditional raja yoga, open level practice. We focus on asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), bhakti yoga (chanting), meditation, yoga philosophy and relaxation. I have also studied with the British Wheel of Yoga, the UK's governing body for yoga, here in Liverpool. I am Yoga Alliance certified, first aid trained and fully insured.

In our hot studio I teach Evolve - a grounding, enlightening movement series, created by Estelle and myself, aimed at intermediate level yogis and designed to be a natural progression for practitioners of Bikram and other forms of hot yoga. Set to uplifting music, it is a vinyasa practice where we focus on gradual progression, rather than perfect postures (which don't actually exist). We just try to relax and have fun with our practice. Evolve will undoubtedly help you to develop a strong, more flexible, body but most importantly it will also leave you feeling happy, centered, uplifted and relaxed.

Yoga is more than just stretching. When we practice, our energy centres open, flexibility of the spine increases, we strengthen our bones and stimulate the circulatory and immune system and it can bring us a deep sense of peace and harmony within. Our bodies are all different, so I believe that you should always listen to your own body - it is your best teacher. I simply guide and support my students to do that. By doing so I wish that my classes help you to create a strong, healthy body and a peaceful mind. That deep sense of peace and well-being, that makes you float out of class, is the ultimate aim of yoga.


Gina Bio.Shakti
Gina Torres

My belief is that we are all born Yogi. The key is to consciously release what is holding you back from living to your own potential. From my first time on the mat, I knew I was destined to teach, and my passion has grown every day since. I am a registered Yoga teacher, having trained at a school built on the principles of buddhism. My aim is to bring passion, enthusiasm and creativity to each class, encouraging my students to find their own yogic expression, with me as their guide. Every body is different, so by allowing the breath to be your navigator. Regardless of age, ability, or how far you have walked the yogic path, a regular yoga practice will help you on your journey of self discovery. My intention in each class is to create the perfect space for people to feel empowered, happy, and healthy :)


I also aim to take up my teacher training in aerial yoga later in the year and cannot wait to teach my students to F.L.Y