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Welcome to Shakti Studios

Shakti Studios provides a universe of yoga, to give all students choice & a complete balanced practice, creating harmony. At Shakti Studios we aim to empower all of our students to discover the magical benefits of yoga, to live more happily &  mindfully whether it be on or off the mat, or in the hammock (in F.L.Y yoga classes). Within our universe of yoga at Shakti Studios we see yoga as the sky, both yoga & the sky are limitless all you need is you, so F.L.Y first love yourself, to reach your true potential. There are many types of yoga with various different flavors at Shakti Studios we give you a taste of all. Yoga is not just asana. Asana is part of yoga, yoga involves breath work, meditation, self study and ritual, all of which are covered in our many classes & exciting workshops. 


Here at Shakti Studios


We believe yoga is for life and are proud to be home to YogaBears, an innovative yoga for children setting strong, mindful foundations for life. Shakti Studios is extremely grateful to be Liverpool's first aerial chakra yoga center, we are fully equipped with hammocks & specially trained aerial yoga teachers who bring to you F.L.Y Liverpool, a modern method of yoga which is both fun and freeing. At Shakti Studious we have a diverse choice of yoga, with a beautiful teaching community of teachers who present the many different perspectives of yoga whilst always highlighting both in practice & teachings that yoga is one. Shakti studios welcomes all! Yoga is for every one regardless of age shape & size, Shakti Studios awaits you to come and get inspired.

Shakti Studios brand values

Positive High vibrations

Building a supportive caring community


Good value

Promoting Holistic Wellbeing

Developing fitness health